XII International School of Astrobiology «Josep Comas i Solà»: "Habitable environments in the Universe"

This year, the UIMP International School of Astrobiology «Josep Comas i Sola», organized by the Center of Astrobiology and NASA Astrobiology Institute, is entitled "Habitable environments in the Universe". It will be held from 23 to 27 June at the Magdalena Palace in Santander. As in previous years, UIMP and ESA provide with aids covering the cost of registration to the school, the board and lodging

Title: Habitable environments in the Universe

Summary: Habitability, the ability of an environment to develop and support life, is of central interest to the Astrobiology community. As an example, the Curiosity Rover is currently exploring the surface of Mars, trying to determine its habitability conditions at present or in the past. The classical concept of the habitable zone around other stars is also typically constrained to liquid water on planetary surfaces, since the energy from the star could support a significant , and potentially detectable, biosphere. However, recent discoveries of the presence of global oceans within the icy moons of our Solar System, and detection of deep niches underground or under the sea, show that rocky planetary surfaces are not the only possible favorable environments for life beyond the Earth.

This year, an interdisciplinary overview of the present knowledge about life's requirements and the environmental factors that directly influence habitability on both local and global scales will be discussed. This knowledge will then be applied to our most recent understanding of surface and subsurface environments of rocky planets and icy worlds in our Solar System, and the potential habitability of extrasolar planets. The school will provide a multidisciplinary perspective of habitability with lectures from biology, geology and astrophysics disciplines.



Foto summer campus of the Spanish National University (UIMP), Palacio de la Magdalena, Santander  (credits: UIMP)
Foto Extrasolar planets habitable zone (credits: Petigura/UC Berkeley, Howard/UH-Manoa, Marcy/UC Berkeley)
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