XIII Escuela Internacional de Astrobiología «Josep Comas i Solà» 29-07->03-07-2015
"The origin of life. From monomers to cells"

This year, the UIMP International School of Astrobiology «Josep Comas i Sola», organized by the Center of Astrobiology and NASA Astrobiology Institute, is entitled "The origin of life. From monomers to cells". It will be held from 23 to 27 June at the Magdalena Palace in Santander. As in previous years, UIMP and ESA provide with aids covering the cost of registration to the school, the board and lodging

Title: The origin of life. From monomers to cells

Summary: The school will provide an interdisciplinary examination of the chemical, physical and geological processes that are required to develop cellular life, and discuss the different environmental settings that would support these processes. Topics covered will include an introductory overview of origin of life research and future directions, planetary environments for life’s origin, abiological synthesis of small molecules relevant to life, the synthesis of biopolymers, the RNA world, and the development of protocells and the first cells.



Foto Sede de la UIMP en Santander. Créditos: UIMP.
Foto El complicado camino desde el origen del Universo hasta la diversidad biológica de la Tierra. Créditos: CAB.
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The answer to questions about life and its origin come from the combined efforts of many disciplines

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