Seminary 2018-09-28. THOT project: Dating stars for undestanding the evolution of exoplanetary systems.

By: Andrés Moya, Marie Curie Sklodowsa-Curie Fellow at Birmingham University

Day: September, 28th 2018
Hour: 12:00

Venue: Auditorio del Centro de Astrobiología
Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA)
Ctra. de Ajalvir, Km.4
28850 Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid)

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Title: "THOT project: Dating stars for undestanding the evolution of exoplanetary systems".

Abstract: Life, planets and exoplanetary systems evolve with time, and the only way we know for dating an exoplanetary system is dating its hosting star and assuming that the planets have the same age. Therefore, dating stars have a major impact on astrobiological research. THOT project is a Marie Curie Project devoted to gathering and updating all the stellar dating techniques into a single computational tool. In this presentation, I will show the current main contributions of this project (estimation of stellar masses and radii, new chemical clocks, chemo-kinematic stellar dating, gyrochronology) and the short term planning. I will also present the first versions of the computational tool for stellar aging.

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