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In the history of thought there are questions that are repeated
continually. Many of them are related to life and, between
they highlight the question of whether the Earth is the only planet with life in
the universe. Before 1995, you could not even be sure that
there were other planets besides those of the Solar System because they had not
I was able to observe. Therefore, the discovery of the first exoplanet by
Michel Mayor and Didider Queloz marked a milestone in this difficult story of
equal until the desired moment of the announcement of the
identification of life in another world. After that discovery,
an acronym apparently as cryptic as 51 Peg b, the name of the
newly found exoplanet, they became quite familiar,
which gives an idea of ​​the importance it had in society. Like
it happened when Copernicus or Galileo dethroned the Earth from the center
of the Universe, 51 Peg supposed a new change of paradigm when confirming
that the Solar System was not unique in the Universe.



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