'Nanocosmos', a success of Spanish science
13-01-2014. CAB IN THE MEDIA (The World)

The director of the National Academic Astronomical Observatory of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain talks about science in Spain and about the NANOCOSMOS project, one of his last successes.

It was not easy to achieve success. Of the 450 projects competing for a Synergy Grant, 437 were rejected; but among the 13 chosen was Nanocosmos. Its objective: to deepen our cosmic origins by making avant-garde technological developments.

I know the main Spanish researchers of Nanocosmos, Cernicharo and Gago, long before my participation in the project and I am close friends with first. That is why I can attest to their intense, tenacious and self-sacrificing careers. Despite the fickle national scientific system, sometimes favorable, but sometimes irrational and even hostile, they have been achieving very bright fruits.

Some of their research was financed by the National R & D Plan with a Consolider (Astromol), a valuable support. It is researchers like them who have led Spanish science from practically nonexistent to an international power level in record time.



Fuente: El Mundo/Rafael Bachiller


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