Looking for life outside the Earth on 02-11-2014. CAB IN THE MEDIA (UCC-UM)

The possible existence of extraterrestrial life has interested the human being throughout history and in this program we invite you to reflect on this topic ... what do you think is outside our planet?

The interest in these topics comes from far and they are reflected in the culture. In 1634 was published what is considered the first science fiction novel, Somnium, by Johannes Kepler, which tells a hypothetical trip to the Moon. Later, in 1865, in From the Earth to the Moon, Jules Verne writes about a group of men traveling to our satellite using a gigantic cannon, and this story served Georges Méliès, one of the pioneers of cinema, to create Trip to the moon in 1902. Although we do not forget other stories that speak of invasions to the Earth, like the war of the worlds written by Herbert George Wells.

In addition, in the last decades, the industry cinematographic has offered different views of what that hypothetical extraterrestrial life would be like and one of the best known is ET.

Leaving fiction aside, we remember that space exploration began with the launch of the artificial satellite Sputnik by the USSR on October 4, 1957. This event sparked a space race for the conquest of space between the Soviet Union and the United States that culminated with the arrival of man on the Moon.



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