The vision of the cinema about the extraterrestrials, in the UIMP

Life, the origins of the world and the treatment cinema has given to
"a fact that still tries to define" have been the central axes of Aliens in the cinema: how we see life < / em>, a conference open to the public by Luis Cuesta Crespo , head of the Scientific Culture Unit of the Astrobiology Center CSIC-INTA, who is participating in the XII International School of Astrobiology Josep Comas i Solà
that is celebrated these days in the UIMP.

"We have not found life in another
because we are still not clear about its definition and because we are
beginning to explore, "said Cuesta, who has put examples of
Feature films as well known as "E.T", "Alien", "The planet of the
simios "," 2001, an odyssey in space "or" Avatar "to illustrate the
fascination of the human being about the possibility of finding ways of life
Smart outside of our planet.


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