Why is it hot in the summer?
20-08-2014 THE CAB IN THE MEDIA (20minutos.es)

You might think that the reason it's hotter in summer is that the Earth is closer to the Sun.

Why then when in the northern hemisphere is summer, is winter in the south? While in the north we toasted in beaches and swimming pools, in the south they put on their coat. On June 21, the day when the northern summer begins, winter begins in the south and vice versa. The stations are changed.

Therefore, the answer is not correct.

Let's refresh the memory: the Earth travels an elliptical orbit around the Sun with a period of about 365 days (the Earth year). Its eccentricity is small, which means that its route is quite similar to a circle. Thus, the distance that separates us from the Sun changes little throughout the year: about 152 million kilometers at the furthest point (aphelion) and about 146 million kilometers at the closest point (perihelion). Perihelion always occurs around January 4 and aphelion occurs on July 4. That is to say: when the Earth is closer to the Sun it is winter in the northern hemisphere. Although the amount of light received by the planet in this position is slightly greater than in the farthest, this will not alleviate the winter rigors.



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