tres14 - Origen

Carlos Briones, CAB researcher, participates in the RTVE program three14 dedicated to the origin.

Juan García Bellido, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the UAM, Salvador Pániker, philosopher engineer, Eudald Carbonell, Co-director of the Atapuerca deposit, and Anna Veiga, Director of the Bank of Cell Lines of Barcelona.

We started the three14 asking about the origin of everything. The archaeologist Eudald Carbonell tells us where we came from and with the philosopher Salvador Pániker we look at the past. Physicists and biologists illustrate us about the origin of the universe and human life.

Presented by Luis Quevedo and directed by Ana Montserrat. Weekly program, which approaches the viewer in a simple way concepts that for years have separated the Science of popular knowledge.

Since December 2007 we try to pose and solve questions that we all ask about the world of which we are part. For us Science is a tool that allows us to know, respect, survive and advance in it. We like to be the medium between scientists and society, bring scientific knowledge to people's lives.



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