Two Swedish craters are the first test of the double collision of an asteroid against the Earth

About 470 million years ago a great cosmic catastrophe occurred in the solar system: an asteroid about 200 km long broke into fragments, two of which traveled together 12 million years to impact on Earth both at the same time. They did it in what is now Sweden, creating the craters Lockne and Målingen. Now a geologist from the Astrobiology Center has found the evidence, in what constitutes the first confirmed case of binary asteroid impact on our planet.

This is indicated by a study published this week in the open access journal Scientific Reports, a team of researchers led by Jens Ormö, from the Center for Astrobiology (INTA-CSIC).

"For the first time, a pair of craters has been dated with such high precision type, both created 458 million years ago, and that constitute the only known terrestrial example that can be attributed without doubt to the impact of a binary asteroid, "Ormö points out to Sinc." All other possible double candidates have ages with lapses of time that does not allow to discard that they have formed separately. "

The good state of conservation of Lockne and Målingen, separated about 16 km, has allowed to get the necessary geological tests to relate them. < p> "The im Double pact occurred in a shallow sea and the two objects collided on the same rocky stratigraphic configuration located under a water column of about 500 m ", explains Ormö.





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