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08-09-2015 THE CAB IN THE MEDIA (el diario.es)

The town of Yebes (Guadalajara) hosts on September 19 and 20 the first and only fair in Spain devoted to the dissemination of astronomy.

The second edition of this event has an exhibition and commercial area of ​​2,000 square meters as well as outdoor activities.

The presence of the mobile laboratory of the Astrobiology Center will be one of the main novelties of Expoastronómica 2015, the first and only fair in Spain that is dedicated to the dissemination of astronomy and which will be held on September 19 and 20 at the Municipal Sports Center 'Valdeluz' in Yebes (Guadalajara).

How did life on Earth arise? How does it evolve and develop? Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? These are some of the questions that Astrobiology tries to answer, a scientific discipline that investigates everything that has to do with the understanding of the phenomenon of life as we know it. That is the backbone of the contents of this fair.

The program that the City of Yebes has designed for this second edition addresses current issues, such as the latest and best applications for observation and recognition of the night sky on iPhone, iOS and Android mobile devices, which are unknown to the general public.



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