NASA confirms that there is liquid water on the surface of Mars
28-09-2015 CAB IN THE MEDIA (several media)

Scientists say the finding may affect human exploration.

The United States Space Agency (NASA) announced it has found the "strongest evidence "Until the date of the existence of liquid water on Mars, within the program of exploration of the planet. The announcement comes after NASA scientists determined in March that Mars had an ocean about 4.5 billion years ago that occupied 19 percent of the planet.

This finding, published by 'Nature Geoscience' , and announced at a press conference by NASA's director of planetary science, Jim Green, has occurred through observations made with NASA's MRO orbiter. His images have been studied with CRISM, an image spectrometer that allows the identification of minerals and other compounds on the Martian surface.

The presence of liquid water is the fundamental requirement for the existence of life, for what, after the discovery of this element on Mars, "the next step is to actively seek life". This is the opinion of the scientist Alberto G. Fairen, from the Department of Planetology and Habitability of the Center for Astrobiology (CAB-INTA-CSIC).


Alberto González Fairen comments the news for several media.


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