ConCiencia about the CAB to the people of Madrid

Every Saturday, at 9:45 p.m., the regional broadcaster Telemadrid issues ConCiencia , a program dedicated to science and technology, in which involved & nbsp; researchers & nbsp; who develop their studies in centers or companies in the Community of Madrid. In the one issued on November 5, space was the central axis of the program and began with the intervention of the only astronaut of Spanish nationality, Pedro Duque , who explained how traveling and the mind affect travel & nbsp ; outside the Earth.

But to talk about other ins and outs of the cosmos, & nbsp; a group of & nbsp; of Astrobiology a & nbsp; (CSIC-INTA) participated in this ConCiencia special. The campaign developed in Río Tínto with the MOONWALK project , which was directed by the deputy director of the CAB Víctor Parro , served as a link to speak & nbsp; Mars and the Martian analogs on our planet. Another team of the program moved to the facilities of the CAB, in Torrejón de Ardoz, to visit the simulation chambers of interstellar and planetary environments and know their functionality and the studies that are developed in them by the hand of the researchers. Jesús Sobrado , Eva Mateo and Guillermo Muñoz . Likewise, the icy and exoplanet moons were topics that were addressed by the researchers Olga Prieto and David Barrado respectively.

The program also talked about Martian exploration and gravitational waves -with interventions by Luis Cuesta and Alicia Sintes , respectively-, the CHEOPS project -a part of Airbus DS-, and other issues related to an issue that has always troubled humanity: "The conquest of space" , where astrobiology plays an essential role. >

To see the complete program, access the Telemadrid's YouTube channel .


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