Shakespeare, genes and talismans in the Ciutat d'Alzira

An invitation to rediscover Macbeth, the character of Shakespeare; an essay on the relevance of cultural and biological heritage; a display of creative freedom and a retrospective look at its own existence have been winners of the Premis Ciutat d'Alzira that remained to be unveiled and that have been handed over tonight the capital of the Ribera Alta. The Alicante Emili Rodríguez-Bernabeu has been the winner of the VII Prize of Poetry Ibn Jafadja, endowed with 5,000 euros, with the collection of poems entitled Talismans. Joan Borja (Altea, 1968) has achieved the XIV Premi d'Assaig Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta, endowed with 8,000 euros.

With 16,000 euros, the Catalan scientist Susanna C. Manrubia and the Argentine Damián H. Zanette have been awarded, who have been awarded the XVIII Premi Europeu of General Scientific Disclosure for the essay Genes and genealogies. The same amount takes The return of Macbeth, the winning work of the XXIV Premi of Ciutat d'Alzira, of which Francesc Puigpelat is the author. The third best endowed prize, with another 16,000 euros, is that of youth fiction, which had previously been made public and which has fallen on the writer of Agullent Vicent Enric Belda for his novel Les ombres del bosc. The prize for children's narrative, endowed with 2,500 euros and whose verdict was also published days ago, has gone to Jordi Serra i Fabra, a true specialist in this type of novels, thanks to The day that Gluck will arrive at the terra.



Fuente: El País


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