Future users of the Virtual Observatory meet at the Astrobiology Center

The Astrobiology Center (CSIC-INTA) hosts a Virtual Observatory school from February 5 to 7, on its campus in Villafranca. The school, carried out within the framework of the CoSADIE project and organized by the Spanish Virtual Observatory, brings together 35 thesis students or newly doctorates from 12 countries in Europe to which 13 tutors from the five CoSADIE member countries (France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom).
The Virtual Observatory is an international initiative whose main objective is the optimal exploitation of the vast amount of data produced by the increasingly sophisticated terrestrial observatories and space astronomical missions. The amount of data is such (of the order of 1 Petabyte) that it is necessary to develop new analysis techniques and new methodologies to be able to extract all the scientific potential that such data enclose. During the three days of the school the participants will become familiar with the use of these analysis tools through the practical cases proposed by the tutors, as well as scientific cases suggested by the participants themselves.
"The Virtual Observatory is a dynamic project that evolves to give better and better answers to the needs that, within the framework of the exploitation of scientific data, the international astronomical community has.Therefore, it is fundamental to train the new generations of astronomers in the use of these new technologies, since they will be in charge of responding in the near future to the problems we are now facing, "says Enrique Solano, head of the Virtual Observatory group of the AstroMadrid project and organizer of the school.


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