The mobile laboratory of 'Science City' brings astrobiology to more than 300 students

Around 300 students from all the educational centers of Valdepeñas will pass through the mobile laboratory of the 'Science City' program of the Superior Council of Scientific Research that is installed in the Plaza de la Constitución on the 10th and 11th of April. The objective is none other than to bring science and, specifically, astrobiology, closer to citizens.

According to the Councilor for Culture, Trade and Tourism, Manuel López Rodríguez, the intention is that people " lose the fear of science, get close to it, know that it is a method of study and that scientists are people of flesh and blood. "

On the other hand, the superior scientist of INTA in the Center for Astrobiology (CSIC-INTA), Luis Cuesta, has pointed out that thanks to this mobile laboratory, simple scientific experiments are being carried out in order that the citizen approaches science and learns the basic concepts and methodology. Thus, experiments in chromatography, meteorite impacts and cryomagmatism are being carried out.



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