Cervantes and the enigma of the moons of Jupiter
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ASTRONOMY: The Spanish writer could inspire the name of Ganymede
In one of his 'Exemplary novels', the author of Quixote referred to the moons of Jupiter as 'little Ganymede'. The work of Cervantes was published in June 1613, four months before the Jovian satellites were baptized.

Miguel de Cervantes dies the year 1616, poor, and is buried in the monastery of the Trinitarians of Madrid, where his grave is now sought. In addition to his monumental work El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha ,
that he himself considers the first modern novel, has to his credit
a considerable literary production that includes poetry and theater.
In addition, his scientific culture had to be considerable, since he was
both of the advances that at the beginning of the 17th century were
producing from the invention of the telescope.
It is even possible that he made a scientific contribution
meaningful by naming the satellites of the planet Jupiter,
identified when the Pisan astronomer Galileo Galilei directed the new instrument to the heavens.

... Written by David Barrado , researcher in Astrophysics at the Astrobiology Center ( CAB, CSIC-INTA) in Madrid


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