Earth's water is not imported


A new study suggests that the origin of water and the organic components that gave rise to life comes from within the Solar System.

A group of researchers from the USA, Canada and United Kingdom, led by the researcher of the Carnegie Institution, Conel Alexander, has added a new piece to the puzzle about the origin of life. In a study published in the journal Science, they suggest that they were meteorites and asteroids and not the ones that fertilized the Earth. And also, it brings the origin of water to the asteroid belt and not beyond the orbit of Jupiter, as it has been up to now.

Despite recognizing the importance of the study, other researchers believe that the current models should not be changed so quickly. "The puzzle that allows us to establish definitively and unequivocally the origin of the Earth's water has not yet been completed," says Jesús Martínez Frías, researcher at the Center for Astrobiology (INTA / CSIC). The scientist also believes that samples taken by satellites traveling to the objects that want to study will be needed. "As long as we do not have in situ isotopic analyzes performed on asteroids and other planets and even on water-rich moons, we will not be able to accurately establish the real isotopic values, nor elaborate models on what their original starting models were," he concludes.



Fecha: 2012-07-13


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