New techniques to find life on Mars
01-08-2014 THE CAB IN THE MEDIA (Research and Science)


(Authors: Chris McKay and Víctor Parro García)

Several experiments under development could settle one of the most profound questions in science: does it exist? Extraterrestrial life?

Astronomers have learned a lot about Mars since the first probes landed on the red planet, almost four decades ago. Today we know that liquid water once flowed through its surface and that, in its early history, Mars and Earth bore great similarities. When life arose on our planet, about 3500 million years ago, Mars was warmer than it is today and possessed liquid oceans, an active magnetic field and a thicker atmosphere. Given the similarity between the two stars, it seems reasonable to think that, whatever the means that led to the appearance of life on our planet, they could have done so on Mars.



Fuente: Investigación y Ciencia

Fecha: 2014-08-01


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