The brightest racing car detected in Spain


For barely a second, it illuminated the Madrid night as if it were daylight. The Group of Observation of Bolides and Meteors of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) has just released the video that shows the spectacular flash that caused the explosion of a celestial object during the early morning of last Friday, and that was visible in a large part of the country, especially in the downtown area. Although it is premature to say, Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, an astrophysicist at the center, believes that it was almost certainly a piece of a comet. As explained to, it is the bolide or fireball brightest ever detected from Spain.

Caution when talking about meteorites

Jesús Martínez Frias, a researcher at the Center for Astrobiology (CSIC / INTA, associated with the NASA Astrobiology Institute), believes that indeed, it could have been a cometary fragment, although "for the purposes of scientific rigor", he prefers to wait for the investigation to be published on it before to issue an opinion, "especially when there are already other colleagues who are on the subject."

Caution, he says, is important when classifying these phenomena and claiming that a meteorite has fallen or remains have been found. And it is that "there could be an interest on the part of certain people to try to increase the chrematistic value of the meteoritic samples so that, when assigning them with an event that has had media repercussion (for example, the fireball) the museums or researchers are interested in them, "he tells this newspaper through an electronic mail. "Sometimes, certain investigators, in their eagerness to approach something new can also incur in it, giving as valid this assignment between meteorite and bolide without the evidences and previous scientific proofs that support it, based on the simple declaration of the person carrying the exemplary ", warns.



Fuente: El MUNDO. Teresa Guerrero

Fecha: 2012-07-17


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