On the shoulders of giants - Black holes in the heart of galaxies


Montserrat Villar, CAB researcher, is interviewed in the program Atrás de gigantes de RTVE.

One of the most wonderful shows that exists, and also free, is that of a starry night, although for those of us who live in the big cities, light and atmospheric pollution prevent us from enjoying it. The stars seem fixed, immutable, studding the sky. But the truth is that far from being a peaceful place, the Universe is full of voracious monsters and energy phenomena incapable of imagining: insatiable black holes, powerful cosmic lighthouses, stars that are dying in the midst of violent death rattles ... tonight with Montserrat Villar, researcher at the Astrobiology Center and coordinator in Spain in 2009 of the International Year of Astronomy.


Fuente: RTVE

Fecha: 2015-02-16


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