Mimicking the Martian surface
03-08-2015 THE CAB IN THE MEDIA (Physics World)


An article on the MARS camera entitled "Mimicking the martian surface" is published in the special issue "Focus on: vacuum technology 2015" by Physics World magazine. The article is signed by CAB researchers Jesús Sobrado, Juan Manuel Manchado and José Ángel Martín-Gago.

A vacuum vessel that can simulate the harsh conditions on our planetary neighbor is an ideal testing ground for space instrumentation. Jesus Sobrado, Juan Manuel Manchado and Jose Angel Martín-Gago explain.

Mars has become an important target for planetary exploration, in part because there are several theories that claim Martian conditions are ideal for prebiotic life. The question of whether life exists exists on Mars, or has existed in the past, is therefore of direct relevance to the origin of life on Earth - and a question that is still very much open.

Since the first successful Mars "fly-by" by NASA's Mariner 4 mission 50 years ago, there have been more than 40 spaceflights to our planetary neighbor. Although many have ended in failure, these missions have changed our view of Mars. There are several spacecraft currently orbiting the network planet and collecting imaging and spectroscopic data in order to survey the Martian geology and radiation environment. The past decade has also seen several landers and rovers delivered safely to the surface of Mars, which has opened up the potential for further exploration. NASA's Spirit and Opportunity rovers in particular have sent back stunning pictures of the dusty Martian landscape and collected valuable information about the planet's potential for supporting life.



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