More than 1,300 people enjoyed this weekend the activities and workshops of Expoastronómica 2015
21-09-2015 THE CAB IN THE MEDIA (City of Yebes)


With a 40% increase in attendance and the presence of families arriving from Madrid, Toledo, Valladolid or Cuenca, the 'complete' poster has been hung in numerous acts of the program. < br>

"A public devoted, curious, restless and eager for science and fun. The one who did not mind to stand in line and wait for the next pass. And a willful, titanic and magnificent effort of exhibitors and collaborators ". It is the summary made by Miguel Cócera, mayor of Yebes, as a balance sheet after Expoastronómica 2015 on Sunday left the closing after a weekend of "satisfactions, enthusiasms and incentives". Since Saturday opened the first and only fair in Spain dedicated exclusively to the dissemination and promotion of astronomical science, a total of 1,361 people paraded through the Municipal Sports Center 'Valdeluz', a record attendance record representing a 40% increase compared to the first edition, "undoubtedly an added stimulus and an incentive for the next edition, which we start preparing today", says Cócera.

The City Council of Yebes understands that the presence on the opening day of the general director of Universities, Research and Innovation is a "decisive support" for the brand 'Valdeluz, exhibition space'. Mar Álvarez highlighted the importance of this type of event that, on the one hand, highlights the scientific-technological infrastructure of the municipality, which in the case of Yebes is represented by its Observatory, and on the other hand demonstrates that the effort does in R & D can become a source of wealth for the territory. "In this sense, the mayor and his government team have been very smart to take advantage of these synergies and understand that a research center like the one they have in Yebes can be another economic resource," he said. Mar Álvarez congratulated Castilla-La Mancha with an installation such as the Yebes Observatory, "which plays in the 1st Division in terms of research, technology, avant-garde, development and talent, not only nationally but above all international".

Among the attending public, he highlighted the presence of numerous families who have come to visit Expoastronómica from bordering provinces such as Madrid, Soria or Cuenca, and even from farther afield such as Toledo or Valladolid. And even representatives of projects similar to those developed by the City Council of Yebes in the promotion of astronomy, such as the Aragon Astronomical Center, which is based in the Walqa de Huesca Technology Park. "We have far exceeded the most promising forecasts," sums up the mayor of Yebes. The fifteen interactive workshops that have been held have been full of participants, all the sessions held by the two planetariums present at the fair have hung the poster 'full capacity', the Rocket School launched more than fifty artifacts built by girls and boys with the help of mothers and fathers, and even had to improvise more passes in activities such as Commander Lili's 'Interplanetary Journey' or the workshops of the Astrobiology Center, which depends on the National Institute of Aerospace Technology of Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) and the Center for Scientific Research (CSIC), before the public demand.

Miguel Cócera highlights the "good health" enjoyed by an informative event that in just a couple of years has been able to awaken an "unusual and effective interest" in the audience, especially among the youngest, thanks to the nature "practice, didactic and participatory "of which the workshops are endowed, as well as the" affordable and pedagogical "offer of the firms and exhibitors. "That corroborates that we are going in the right direction to fulfill the plan that we have proposed to turn our municipality into a permanent fairground," argues the mayor. Despite recognizing that after these two editions the bar is "at a considerable height", the mayor of Yebes advances that the City Council intends to improve the contents in 2016 from the "suggestions and indications" that have been collected in these two days between the public and, especially, the dozens of families who attended the fair, "which are undoubtedly the best thermometer to measure the environmental and emotional temperature" of the different activities, workshops and events that have been held . "After this satisfactory recapitulation, we can only thank everyone for believing in Expoastronómica", Cócera statement.



Fuente: Ayuntamiento de Yebes

Fecha: 2015-09-21


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