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"Mars is in fashion"


Last 19, the Satellite for the Traces of Gases Study (TGO) , of the ExoMars 2016 of the European Space Agency (ESA) , got insert in the orbit of Mars, as planned. The Schiaparelli demonstrator module , which had to make a six-minute descent and land on Martian soil, separated from it and entered the Martian atmosphere. However, this part of the mission failed to finish successfully. NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter probe has identified recent markings in the landing area that appear to correspond to the Schiaparelli entry, descent and landing demonstration module.

" The calculations indicate that Schiaparelli fell from a height of between 2 and 4 kilometers before impacting at a considerable speed of more than 300 km / h. (...) It is also possible that the module exploded due to the impact, when the fuel tanks of the thrusters were still full. These preliminary interpretations may vary as the analyzes are conducted. " ESA comments on the news on its website .

The arrival on Mars of this first part of the ExoMars program - which will be completed in 2020 - has been echoed in numerous media. Among them, The Sixth News , as a result of this news, has wanted to dedicate a space in the news of the past weekend to analyze the interest on the part of the space agencies in studying Mars.

For this they have spoken with Felipe Gómez Gómez , researcher of the Center for Astrobiology (CSIC-INTA) b), involved in several international projects, among which Europeans stand out MASE (Mars Analogues for Space Exploration ) and Europlanet , and with the CAB engineer José Antonio Rodríguez Manfredi , Principal Investigator of MEDA - Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer -, instrument that will go on board the mission Mars 2020 from NASA. Both researchers have intervened providing their views on various issues around Mars, such as the space race between agencies, the applications in daily life of technological developments for space exploration and investment in science for the future. / p>

To see the story of The Sixth News of October 22, access Atresplayer (from minute 41:55).


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