Coogoon Valles: Evolution of a complex system of fluvial channels on Mars


Coogoon Valles is a complicated river system that lies on the extensive clay deposits west of Arabia Terra, on Mars. This region has aroused great interest, since it is in the transition between the two parts that divide the planet (highlands and lowlands) and shows numerous signs of volcanism and water activity, crucial to understand how Mars was in the past. < / p>

Although part of this channel was formed during the most ancient times, the period called Noéico, in the work numerous reactivation samples are detailed, with alternating erosive episodes and sedimentary. As a result of the latter, at the end of this system there is a group of deltas or alluvial cones, among which is the preferred landing zone for the next ESA ExoMars in 2020. & nbsp;
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Work published by: Antonio Molina, Iván López, Olga Prieto-Ballesteros, David Fernández- Remolar, Miguel Ángel de Pablo and Felipe Gómez in Science Direct. & Nbsp;

Figure: colored elevation derived from MOLA on the CTX image mosaic (a) and the geological map (B) of the Coogoon Valles area.


Fuente: UCC-CAB

Fecha: 2017-10-09


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