'Mars, what is the weather today?', Interview by La Razón with Jorge Pla-García, CAB researcher


Since the rover Curiosity arrived on Mars on August 6, 2015, it has not ceased to send data about what is the weather on Mars. This is thanks to REMS ( Rover Environmental Monitoring Station ), the meteorological station that it has on board, and that was designed by the Center of Astrobiology.

REMS has allowed, among other things, to know that the atmosphere of Mars" is much simpler than that of the Earth ". It is so because it is up to a hundred times thinner than the terrestrial one and in it the key element is the CO2 that represents 99% of its composition.

Another key of the Martian weather, as Jorge Pla tells in the interview, is the dust. This "is so fine that we could speak of dust smoke" and is the main responsible for all the atmospheric changes that occur in the Red Planet.

From the importance of knowing the Martian meteorology and how he got to work with NASA, Jorge Pla speaks to us in this La Razón interview.

Image: Jorge Pla-García at the CAB facilities. Source: La Razón


Fuente: La Razón

Fecha: 2017-11-20


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