Cañadas Blasco, Fuencisla

BSc in Geology at University of Salamanca (2006) and PhD in Geochemistry at University College London (2021). During my previous professional years, I worked as an exploration geologist in the oil industry. Then, I moved to United Kingdom to study a MSc in organic geochemistry (Newcastle University) and a doctorate in geochemistry (UCL), during which I also worked as a postgraduate teaching assistant in the Earth Sciences Dept.

My research interests focus on paleoenvironmental reconstructions, with special attention to the functioning and evolution of biogeochemical cycles (C, N and P) during the first geological stages on Earth, to understand the interaction between the main environmental changes and biological evolution.

Since October 2021, I am a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow working on the MaPLE (Mars Phosphorus and LiFE) project, where I study Archean (~3 Ga) iron- and sulfur-rich deposits and carbonates. The primary objective is to understand how the prevailing environmental conditions at that time influenced the availability of dissolved phosphorus, a key element in all forms of life, and to extend its applicability to Mars.


Key wordsEarly Earth, Carbonates, Mars, Geochemistry, Raman Spectroscopy, C-N-P Cycles