During my Master’s Thesis I participated in the CARMENES international consortium, compiling a database with photometric information of M stars. The CARMENCITA database has been fundamental in the selection of the stars observed by the CARMENES spectrograph in search for exoearths.

After this I started a Resident Astrophysicist PhD in the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, under the supervision of Sergio Simón-Díaz and Artemio Herrero. The purpose of my thesis was a thorough empirical characterization of a very large sample of Galactic O-type stars, the largest to date. I developed experience with large databases of optical spectra and the use of semi-automated tools for the quantitative spectroscopic analysis.

The project in which I am currently involved is GALANTE, a photometric survey of the Galactic plane, centered on the study of massive stars and led by Jesús Maíz (CAB). The project will produce a 7-filter photometric catalog of stars with a precision of milli-magnitudes. Focusing on massive stars, GALANTE will ultimate provide a census of the early-type O+B+WR stars within several kpc of the Sun, with temperature and extinction estimations.

In the future I intend to continue with the characterization of the O-type stars initiated during my thesis.

ORCID: 0000-0002-9296-8259

WoS ResearchID: L-5561-2018


KeywordsStars: early-type, massive, fundamental parameters; Techniques: spectroscopy, photometry



Multi-epoch photometric study in H-Alpha and infrared
Cygnus jplus1


Photometric study of the galactic plane