I am an researcher in high-energy astrophysics specialized in X-ray observations of active black holes at the center of distant galaxies. In particular, I investigate how the “diet” of the black hole is related to the formation and evolution of the host galaxy.

“How do the material that the black hole eats and the material expelled into winds launched very close to the black hole relate?”is the main question behind my research.

I got a Ph.D. in Astronomy at the University of Bologna in 2011, with a dissertation on “Accretion disk winds in active galactic nuclei: an X-ray view”. I then moved for postdoctoral experiences in the USA (at the Center for Space Science and Technology of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County), in Spain (at the European Space Astronomy Centre of the European Space Agency), in the Netherlands (at the Netherlands Institute for Space Research), and I am back in Spain at the Centro de Astrobiología since 2018.

Here at the CAB I am the Principal Investigator of the project “Unveiling Black Hole Winds from Space”, co-financed by the Comunidad de Madrid and INTA under the framework of the “ Atracción de Talento” research grants. I also participate in the investigation of X-ray quasi-periodic eruptions (QPEs), a new cosmic phenomenon discovered by Giovanni Miniutti at the CAB, and to the development of the future ESA Large Mission ATHENA.

ORCID: 0000-0002-1329-658X

WoS: Z-1517-2019


Personal webpage: https://blackholewinds.space

Key wordsAccretion, accretion disks; Black hole physics; Galaxies: active; Galaxies: evolution; Galaxies: nuclei; (Galaxies:) quasars: absorption lines; (Galaxies:) quasars: general; Techniques: spectroscopic; X-rays: galaxies