Mas Buitrago, Pedro

PhD student

Applying Machine Learning techniques to spectroscopic and photometric mapping

Supervisors: Enrique Solano Márquez (CAB), Ana González Marcos (Universidad de La Rioja)

MsC in Astrophysics by Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Bachelor´s degree in Physics by the same institution, studying the last year at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands. PhD student at Centro de Astrobiología, Madrid, as part of the Spanish Virtual Observatory (SVO).

My doctoral thesis is focused on two main lines of work.

The first line covers the scientific exploitation of large astronomical archives, with the objective of identifying ultra-cold dwarfs (UCDs), both through a VO methodology and Machine Learning algorithms.

The second aims to use Deep Learning techniques to determine physical parameters of stars from high-resolution spectra.


Key wordsArtificial Intelligence, Virtual Observatory, Machine Learning