Murillo Ojeda, Raquel

PhD student

Thesis: White dwarfts with substellar companions. Gaia and Virtual Observatory

Supervisors: Enrique Solano Márquez, Francisco Jiménez Esteban, Alberto Rebassa Mansergas y Santiago Torres Gil

Physics Degree (UCM)

  • Specialty in Astrophysics and Cosmology

Master of Astrophysics (UCM)

  • Specialty in Physics of Stellar and Substellar Objects
  • MT: “The lithium-age relation: open stellar clusters with spectroscopic (Gaia-ESO survey DR6), astrometric and photometric (Gaia-DR3) information”
  • Internship in companies: “Search for Low Surface Brightness regions in Galaxy Clusters using the Hubble Space Telescope” at CSIC/INTA


  • XVII Spanish Virtual Observatory (SVO) School
  • XX Spanish Virtual Observatory (SVO) School
  • 2021A PyaR (Python and Research) Tutorial (California University, Santa Cruz)
  • Big data and data analysis with Python (UCM)
Key wordsWhite dwarfs, Spanish virtual observatory, virtual observatory tools, Gaia, Gaia DR3