González Peinado, R., Caballero, J. A., Montes, D., Cifuentes, C. 2018. Cool dwarfs in wide multiple systems. Paper 6: A curious quintuple system of a compact Sun-like triple and a close pair of an M dwarf and a very cool white dwarf at a wide separation. Observatory 138, 1267, 292-298

The system WDS 16329+0315 is an old, nearby, quintuple physical system in the thick Galactic disc formed by a close, but resolved, triple primary of solar metallicity, namely HD 149162, and a very wide, common-proper-motion, secondary pair, formed by the mid-M dwarf G 17-23 and the white dwarf LSPM J1633+0311S. We present an exhaustive astrometric and photometric data compilation of the system, including Gaia DR2 parallaxes and proper motions, and the first analysis of the nature of the faintest component. LSPM J1633+o311S (HD 149162 C) is a very cool white dwarf with an effective temperature of only about 5500 K, near the coolest end of the grid of theoretical models.