HIFI Spectrum of Water and Organics in the Orion Nebula. Copyright: ESA, HEXOS and the HIFI Consortium. E. Bergin

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the molecular universe

(iau symposium 280)


May 30 - June 3, 2011

Toledo (Spain)



Contributions have been divided in invited, oral and posters. All contributions that were not selected for oral have been automatically considered posters.

Invited and Oral

The timetable and duration for invited and oral contributions may be found in the scientific program PDF File


There will be three poster sessions, during the meeting. Please find here which session your poster belongs to.

  • First session will start on Monday 30th and end on Tuesday 31st at 15:15.
  • Second session will start on Tuesday 31st at 15:15 and end on Thursday at 9:00.i
  • Third session will start on Thursday at 9:00 and end on Friday at 13:00.
  • The LOC will provide the needed infrastructure for proper display. Please ensure that all posters have typical ISO A0 size (84 x 119 cm, or 33.1 x 46.8 inches). Maximum display size is 94 cm width and 136 cm height.


    You may look up all abstracts that have been accepted.



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