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List of Observing Proposals
CodeTitlePI DateHours Status*
D63-S07 Water masers survey of the Pipe Nebula Water masers survey of the Pipe Nebula Robert Estalella 05/02/2009 queue
D63-S06 Observations of the H66a RRL toward a sample of intermediate/high-mass star forming regions A. Sánchez Monge 05/02/2009 queue
D55-T01 Feasibility study of Ka spectroscopy using DSS-55 and WVSR Ricardo Rizzo 05/02/2009 completed
D55-C01 A study of the anomalous microwave emission in the Perseus molecular cloud J. A. Rubiño-Martín 05/02/2009 ongoing
D63-S03 Water maser monitoring in selected low-mass star-forming regions Robert Estalella 05/02/2009 ongoing
D63-S02 A survey for water masers in optically obscured PNe and post-ABG stars José Francisco Gómez 05/02/2009 ongoing
D63-S01 CCS extended emission in young low-mass protostars Itziar de Gregorio-Monsalvo 05/02/2009 215-120 ongoing