The Survey for High-z Absorption Red and Dead Sources SHARDS is an ESO/GTC Large Programme approved in 2009A and to be carried out during 20 nights in 2010 (and possibly 2011). It consists in imaging observations of the entire GOODS-North region in 25 medium-band different filters with GTC/OSIRIS covering the wavelength range between 500 and 950 nm with contiguous passbands. The depth of the survey is at least 26.5 mag at the 3σ level in all filters.

The main scientific goal of SHARDS is carrying out an unbiased spectro-photometric survey of passively evolving galaxies at 1.0<z<2.5 and measuring stellar population ages through the direct measurement of the Mg(UV) absorption index.

SHARDS is funded by the Consolider-Ingenio GTC-2010 Project, and also by the PNAyA Programs through the research grants awarded to the GUAIX Team. They have provided the budget to buy the filter set of 25 medium-band filters for GTC/OSIRIS.

Visit the Science section to know more about the scientific use of the data taken by SHARDS.

In the Team link you can see the people involved in the project.

The raw data and scientific products (reduced images and catalogs) from SHARDS will be made available for the whole astronomical community. Visit the Data link for more information.

All relevant publications with this dataset will be listed here.

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Thu Sep 19 09:28:50 CEST 2013: Postdoctoral positions (2) offered at UCM (deadline for applications: November 1 2013, start in early 2014). CLOSED.

Thu Jun 13 16:26:02 CEST 2013: Postdoctoral position offered at UCM (deadline for applications: July 10 2013). CLOSED.

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