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Part of the REMS team have built a Mars environmental simulation chamber, designed to test new electromechanical devices and instruments that could be used in space missions. We have developed this environmen- tal system aiming at validating the meteorological station Rover Environment Monitoring Station of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission currently installed on Curiosity rover. The vacuum cham- ber has been built following a modular configuration and operates at pressures ranging from 1000 to 10−6 mbars, and it is possible to control the gas composition (the atmosphere) within this pressure range. The device (or sample) under study can be irradiated by an ultraviolet source and its tempera- ture can be controlled in the range from 108 to 423 K. As an important improvement with respect to other simulation chambers, the atmospheric gas into the experimental chamber is cooled at the walls by the use of liquid-nitrogen heat exchangers. This chamber incorporates a dust generation mecha- nism designed to study Martian-dust deposition while modifying the conditions of temperature, and UV irradiated.

Simulation Chamber

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