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Evolutionary Synthesis Models

Other servers

Here there is some links to others WWW address with synthesis models, However, let me suggest you to visit the following server developed by Joachim Köppen:
It is a quite interesting place with Java apples for Teaching (and learn) Physics and Astrophysics. It is really great!

And bellow other links (related only with evolutionary synthesis models)
  1. GALEV: by Uta Fritze - v. Alvensleben and co.
  2. PEGASE.2 (Projet d'Étude des GAlaxies par Synthèse Évolutive) by Fioc & Rocca-Volmerange.
  3. STARBURST99: synthesis code developed at Space Telescope Science Institute by Claus Leitherer and co-workers.

    Old stellar populations
  4. Alberto Buzzoni synthesis models.
  5. Guy Worthey synthesis models
  6. Padova stellar evolutionary tracks, isochrones and Simple Stellar Populations results
  7. Geneva stellar evolutionary tracks and isochrones

    Atmosphere models
  8. VMbasic
  9. Kurucz
  11. Tlusty

    Photometric Systems
  12. ADPS: the Asiago Database on Photometric Systems

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