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Evolutionary Synthesis Models

Continuum and nebular emission lines Stellar populations Contribution to the continuum (1)
X-ray emission and kinetic energy Nebular emission lines with X-rays Complete SED (X-ray to NIR) (2)
Effective rate of ionizing photons (mean, dispersion, LLL and correlation matrix) (3)
Ref 1: Cerviño, M., Valls-Gabaud, D., Luridiana, V. & Mas-Hesse, J.M., 2002, A&A 381, 51
Ref 2: Cerviño, Mas-Hesse and Kunth, 2002, A&A, 392, 19
Ref 3: Cerviño, Luridiana, Pérez, Vílchez and Valls-Gabaud, 2003, A&A, (accepted A&A, astro-ph/0304062)

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