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Welcome to SED@
Evolutionary Synthesis Models

Dispersion and spectrum

Comparison of High and Low resolution spectrum obtained by the future released code (Cerviño, González-Delgado et al. in preparation)

Welcome to SED@: evolutionary synthesis models for young star forming regions that compute the Stellar Energy Dispersion and Distribution and are available on the WWW (@).

We had updated the code by Cerviño & Mas-Hesse (1994) to include an estimation of the dispersion and confidence levels of the different observables. We show here the results of the observables computed by the code. We have not tested all of then so if you find something strange, please, help us to improve the code an say us (send a mail to mcs@iaa.es). If you are interested in any other observable, please contact us.

Here you can access to:

If you want the results from 26Al and 60Fe gamma-ray lines:
Click here to access to the output tables used in Cerviño et al. 2000 A&A 363, 970

If you want Access to Cerviño & Mas-Hesse (1994, A&A 284, 749) models,
Please, contact us.
We hope that this server will be useful for you
Miguel Cerviño

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