Zoé Magazine. Issue 1

Zoé Magazine. Issue 1

The question “Is there life elsewhere in the Universe?” had, until recently, only philosophical implications. However, it is now beginning to be addressed from other fields of science. Indeed, Astrobiology brings together all the efforts aimed at finding the answer, trying to understand the processes by which a cloud of interstellar dust becomes a planetary system in which some of its bodies develop in such a way that micro-organisms appear, populate it and evolve. The challenge of astrobiology is fabulous, and embarking on this mission is truly an adventure: the “adventure of life”.

“Outreach is an obligation that the scientific and technological community has towards society”. This is a phrase that, unfortunately, has not yet sufficiently permeated our community. Perhaps the problem lies in our education: nobody has taught us how to do it and many of us don’t know how it is done, but we have to try because it really is our duty to society.

There is no doubt that outreach in Astrobiology is very attractive to the general public because of the interest of the subject it addresses and because its multidisciplinary nature attracts “curious” people from many areas.

Since its creation by Juan Pérez-Mercader, the Centro de Astrobiología (CSIC-INTA) has considered outreach as one of its basic activities: this journal is a further attempt in that direction. It not only aims to inform society of its most relevant activities, but also to be a “magnet” to attract to science and technology all those who are curious and want to satisfy their curiosity.

Jaime Denís Zambrana – Director General of the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA)