This section is the result of a collaboration with the Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid (ESDM) since late 2020. The aim is to create new communication strategies and interactive products to disseminate the research carried out at the CAB to society.
Scrollytelling: Interactive artwork highlighting CAB’s contributions to our knowledge of Mars. Illustration credit: ESDM

Mars mission history: A glimpse at eleven historic missions to Mars. Illustration credit: ESDM

CAB as seen by ESDM. Illustration credit: ESDM

CAB on Mars: CAB contributions to Mars exploration: REMS, TWINS and MEDA. Illustration credit: ESDM

Short animated science videos: Audiovisual pieces made by the students of the 2D/3D Motion Graphics course of the ESDM’s Degree in Graphic Design, aimed at Secondary School and Baccalaureate students.

Podcast: Confessions of a first-timer in outreach: The ESDM teachers tell us about their experience from the “Design for Science” team. The interviews and editing of the podcast have been carried out by Natalia Ruiz, from CAB’s Scientific Culture Unit.