Scientific Culture

The Scientific Culture Unit (UCC) of Centro de Astrobiología aims to promote the dissemination of scientific advances in the field of Astrobiology by optimising the Centre’s internal and external communication channels, as well as enabling a fluid interaction between the CAB research community and the general public.

Through these broad lines of action, the Unit seeks to strengthen the social function of research and the dissemination of knowledge, thus making the CAB a Centre in permanent contact with society, dynamic and interactive with the media, and formative and transformative, by bringing the latest research, discoveries and technological developments closer to all citizens.

The functions of the Centre's Scientific Culture Unit include the following:


Management and support of scientific dissemination activities promoted by CAB.


Establishing mechanisms that allow society and, in particular, the educational community, to increase motivation and sensitivity towards scientific and innovative activities, seeking their participation and involvement. To this end, school visits are organised to the main centre in Torrejón and educational projects of different types are set up, such as PARTNeR, MeteoMarte and the workshop Searching for Life in the Universe.


Production of the Astrobiology magazine Zoé.



Facilitating communication between scientists and the media, as well as the preparation of press releases with the most outstanding scientific results of the centre’s researchers for distribution to the media.


Maintaining and dynamising the CAB website, as the main channel for dissemination and communication, as well as the social networks:Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin y YouTube


Managing CAB’s Library and documentation.


Two open days are usually scheduled throughout the year, normally coinciding with the Science and Innovation Week organised by the Community of Madrid. For more information, you can consult the announcements that will be published on this website and on the websites of the Science Week organisers (Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d).

The CAB UCC belongs to the UCC+i Network of Scientific Culture and Innovation Units of FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology), which aims to promote the exchange of experiences, the search for synergies between entities and the optimisation of resources.