JWST uncovers a rich diversity of carbon-bearing gases serving as ingredients for planets around very low-mass stars

10 June, 2024

Black hole’s business-as-usual in the earliest universe highlights galaxy evolution problem | Max Planck Institute for Astronomy

18 June, 2024

Discovering the “living fossils” of the Atacama Trench

19 June, 2024

The dusty nature of little red dots, the enigmatic galaxies discovered by the James Webb Space Telescope

6 June, 2024

ALMA Unlocks the Chemical Secrets of a Starburst Galaxy

3 April, 2024

Detection of Evolutionary Conserved Peptides as Biomarkers for the Search for Life on other Planets

20 March, 2024

The oldest known ‘dead’ galaxy detected with the James Webb Space Telescope.

6 March, 2024

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024

12 February, 2024

The oldest black hole discovered thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope’s NIRSpec instrument

25 January, 2024

New “cola de gato” structure discovered with JWST

16 January, 2024
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