Come and meet us

Group visits:

Throughout the school term, the Centro de Astrobiología receives visits from schools on Friday mornings. The group should not exceed 30 students. The visit is aimed at students from the 4th year of ESO and Bachillerato and with a Science orientation. The visit lasts about two hours.

Booking of dates starts in September and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

To request a visit, please contact divulgacion(

Private visits:

Two open days are usually scheduled throughout the year, which normally coincide with the Science and Innovation Week organised by the Madrid Regional Government. For more information, you can check the announcements that will be published on this website and on the websites of the Science Week organisers (Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d). Similarly, visits from universities, research centres or any other institution connected with the Centre’s activities can be requested through divulgacion(
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