Culture with C for Cosmos (C3): Science, Art and Culture

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Culture with C for Cosmos’ (C3) is an interdisciplinary project that aims to disseminate astronomy and astrobiology through the collections and initiatives of numerous cultural and artistic entities located in Madrid and, in parallel, to disseminate their works from a scientific perspective.

The first edition was held between October 2018 and March 2019, and the second in November 2019, on the occasion of the XIX Science and Technology Week (SCyT2019).

C3 is aimed at a general public of all ages with an interest in science, art and/or other areas of knowledge.

‘Culture with C for Cosmos’ is a project coordinated by Montserrat Villar ( Astrophysicist at CAB) and promoted by the Centro de Astrobiología(CAB/CSIC-INTA).

For millennia, the immensity of the cosmos and celestial events have fascinated mankind. This interest has been reflected in a wonderful legacy of artworks of different types that show us how our conception of the universe and our place in it has evolved over the centuries.

Museums, and other institutions in Madrid, keep many treasures linked to astronomy that are often unknown to the general public: prehistoric ceramics, medieval engravings, musical scores… that leave a record of the beliefs and knowledge about the cosmos in each historical period. In Culture with C for Cosmos we will communicate science through this legacy.

In 21st century society, the dichotomy between the worlds of science and the humanities persists. Overcoming this apparent segregation has led a group of scientists, who share a keen interest in the arts and the humanities, to promote ‘Culture with C for Cosmos’, with the conviction that by combining all areas of knowledge, it is possible to foster creativity and the capacity for innovation in society.

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