• Disseminate and promote the equality plans of INTA and CSIC, as well as institutional activities and decisions on equality policies.
  • Serve as a channel for proposals or suggestions from CAB staff on equality related issues.
  • Carry out a diagnosis of the situation regarding equality at CAB, using the metrics that are elaborated annually by our management staff.
  • Promote equality training for our staff, preferably through courses organized by INTA and CSIC.
  • Encourage the implementation of measures to help avoid unconscious gender bias in evaluation committees.
  • Promote actions that help to value the extra time that many women have to invest in order to achieve parity in the tribunals and evaluation committees.
  • Ensure a balanced presence of men and women in the events carried out at CAB.
  • Development of measures to promote female leadership.
  • Promote the visibility of the role of women in the research carried out at CAB through educational and dissemination actions, so that girls and young women have more female scientific referents.