Martín Redondo, María-Paz

I graduated from  Autonoma University of Madrid, getting my graduate degree in Chemistry in June 2001.

In my last year of career, I obtained a Collaboration Scholarship (2000-2001) in the Inorganic department of that university, which compagine with the studies and  started my first collaboration in a research project led by Professor Dña Esther Delgado Laita on “New organoazufrate ligands in the synthesis of ruthenium cluster for application as connector molecules”.

Next, I obtained a Third Cycle Scholarship (2001-2003) within the framework of a master deegree in the Department of Inorganic and Analytical of the Autonomous University,  obtaining of the Diploma of Advanced Studies and Research Sufficiency.

During this period I worked in two stays, of 6 months each, in the “Steacie Instutite for molecular Sciences”. National Research Council (Canada).

In 2004 I was  selected for a  I3P(European founding)  contract from the CSIC as a Chemist suppoting I+D activities at the Center for Astrobiology.

Since 2004 to nowadays I have participated in severals research projects with contracts of both CSIC and INTA instutitions;   developing this support work in which I implemented and coordinate the  ICP-MS service, sample preparation by microwave digestion techniques and data locking.

In addition  I have participated in several national and international congresses; as well as in scientific journals and several scientific reports.

The current projects I am involved in are :

PID2019-107442RB-C32, project coordinated with the University of Valladolid (PI: Fernando Rull) and INTA (PI: Tomás Belenguer).

Atmospheric physics project  CAMELIA-ATM (INTA; PID2019-104205GB-C21)

WoS researchID: Z-1362-2019

ORCID: 0000-0002-1340-7390

KeywordsAnalitic Chemistry, ICP-MS analysis , Astrobiology, Multielement Analysis, Environmental Analysis, Water Analysis, MW samples Digestion , Sample Treatments