Science Nugguets

Los Science Nuggets o Píldoras de Ciencia son diapositivas en pdf proporcionadas por los investigadores del CAB para destacar actividades en misiones o resultados científicos importantes. Se basan en trabajos que se han publicado en revistas de primer cuartil con revisión por pares, a partir de 2019.

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A comparative study on HCN polymers synthesized by polymerization of NH4CN or diaminomaleonitrile in aqueous media: New perspectives for prebiotic chemistry and materials science

Discriminating sources and preservation of organic matter in surface sediments from five Antarctic lakes in the Fildes Peninsula (King George Island) by lipid biomarkers and compound-specific isotopic analysis

A surface temperature and moisture inter-comparison study of the Weather Research and Forecasting model, in-situ measurements and satellite observations over the Atacama Desert