All-Sky RR Lyrae Stars in the Gaia Data

Lorenzo Rimoldini, Laurent Eyer, Nami Mowlavi, Dafydd W. Evans, Krzysztof Nienartowicz, Berry Holl, Marc Audard, Leanne P. Guy, Grégory Jevardat de Fombelle, Isabelle Lecoeur-Taïbi, Olivier Marchal, Gisella Clementini, Vincenzo Ripepi, Alessia Garofalo, Roberto Molinaro, Tatiana Muraveva, Ennio Poretti, László Molnár, Emese Plachy, Áron L. Juhász, László Szabados, Joris De Ridder, Sara Regibo, Luis Manuel Sarro Baro, Mauro López del Fresno. 2017. All-Sky RR Lyrae Stars in the Gaia Data. Conference on Revival of the Classical Pulsators – from Galactic Structure to Stellar Interior Diagnostics (RR Lyrae), Proceedings of the Polish Astronomical Society 6, 101-105.

The second Gaia data release is expected to contain data products from about 22 months of observation. Based on these data, we aim to provide an advance publication of a full-sky Gaia map of RR Lyrae stars. Although comprehensive, these data still contain a significant fraction of sources which are insufficiently sampled for Fourier series decomposition of the periodic light variations. The challenges in the identification of RR Lyrae candidates with (much) fewer than 20 field-of-view transits are described. General considerations of the results, their limitations, and interpretation are presented together with prospects for improvement in subsequent Gaia data releases.

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