CARMENES – M Dwarfs and their Planets: First Results

Quirrenbach, A., Amado, P. J., Ribas, I., Reiners, A., Caballero, J. A., Seifert, W., Zechmeister, M. 2017. CARMENES – M Dwarfs and their Planets: First Results. Living Around Active Stars, 328th Symposium of the International-Astronomical-Union (IAU) 12, 46-53, DOI: 10.1017/S1743921317004070

CARMENES is a pair of high-resolution (R greater than or similar to 80, 000) spectrographs covering the wavelength range from 0.52 to 1.71 mu m with only small gaps. The instrument has been optimized for precise radial velocity measurements. It was installed and commissioned at the 3.5m telescope of the Calar Alto observatory in Southern Spain in 2015. The first large science program of CARMENES is a survey of similar to 300 M dwarfs, which started on Jan 1, 2016. We present an overview of the instrument, and provide a few examples of early science results.

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